Post Prod

Post Production

Les Studios du Chat provide a full FX service and all the stages of post production.
We use the best software and the latest technologies.
We take the greatest care to meet your technical requirements and respect your planning.

Services :

Video Post Production:

  • Offline editing
  • Visual effects and motion graphics
  • Colour grading and processing
  • Mastering
  • Delivery of tapes for broadcast

Audio Post Production:

  • Sound effects
  • Post-dubbing
  • Sound editing
  • Dubbing
  • Mixing
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After he finished the first season of "The Minute of the Cat ", Philippe Geluck decided to make his animation and post production studios available for other projects.
The 200m2 stage includes a brand new Green Screen facility, pre-lit for direct shooting; a multi-purpose space for different sets; an overhead filming facility and a photo shoot facility.

And we have a client R&R area with direct access to the studio - with kitchen, dining room, meeting room, dressing rooms, and a sunny terrace (if it's sunny ...), and free WIFI.

Our team of specialists will guarantee that your shoot takes place under the best possible conditions, so that you get the film that you want.

  • Director, DOP, sound recordist, make-up artist, hair stylist, continuity girl, camera operator, casting director for actors and extras
  • On-stage production unit
  • Rental of lighting and stands
  • Catering and refreshments in the studio
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Sound studio

Sound studio

For your voice-overs, post-dubbing, dubbing, sound effects and music, there is a soundproof booth with two microphones right next to the film studio.

Our sound engineer will record and edit using Pro Tools, the most used digital audio suite in the world.
If you need a particular sound or noise, our sound library will have it.
We can also find the right composer for your soundtracks and jingles.
We have a kitchen-meeting-room space, free WIFI, a terrace right in the heart of Ixelles, and a private car park.

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Watch "The Minute of the Cat" and you'll see the different techniques our animators (2D, 2½-D, and 3D) use to perfection.
From shots taken against a green screen and composited over other scenes and sets, to the modelling of a whole storyboard, our designers, animators and technicians will do everything to make your animation a success.

Some techniques we use:

  • Photo-montages and animated drawings
  • Stop motion
  • Motion design
  • Traditional 2D
  • Cut-out 2D
  • Integration of 2D into 3D environment




In a calm and welcoming environment in the heart of Ixelles, Brussels, our 20m2 editing studio is equipped with 2 computer screens. The editing suite is directly linked to a projector which allows you to watch the different stages of your film on a big screen.

We will allocate to you the editor who is best adapted to the specifics of your project.
And if you wish, we can also organise all the stages of your project, from filming to the final master, including special effects by our animation team.
You'll also be able to take advantage of our client space - kitchen, meeting room and dining room - as well as our terrace in the heart of Ixelles, private parking, and free WIFI.

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Contact & directions

Contact & directions

Please come and have a coffee with us at the Studio (with a Galler du Chat chocolate ...), and we'll discuss your project together.

Address :
Les Studios du Chat
54 rue de l’Automne
1050 Brussels - Belgium
T : +32 (0)2 626 11 85

Contact :
Catherine Israel
T : +32 (0)477 24 81 85
@ :